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Roof Survey in Cardiff

Roof survey and roof inspection for both residential and commercial properties.

Felt & Flat Roof Repair

Complete the form for a quick quote on all forms of felt and flat roof repair.

Emergency Roof Repair

Fill the form to receive a quick quote for any emergency roof repair work in Cardiff.

Pitched and Tile Roof Repair

Pitched roof and tile roof repair services offered across Cardiff area.

Roofers Cardiff is a specialist roofing company that provides services to both residential and commercial properties in Cardiff and the surrounding areas. Our company offers a range of services including repair, and building of flat roofs, pitched roof repair, gutter repair and lead-work, fascias, soffits, and new build roofing.

Our team of expert roofers have extensive experience across the Cardiff region, meaning our skills as a company also include battening, re-felting, tiling and slating. Additionally, our company can also provide PVC fascias and Velux window installation. Call us to get a free roofing quote for your property.

Every member of our team works with a high level of professionalism and enthusiasm to offer a reliable and trustworthy service that ensures customer satisfaction. We are your local roofing contractor that offers all types of roofing services and gutter services.

What License is Required to be a Roofer in Cardiff?
Read about what type of license is required in Cardiff and whether all roofers need to be licensed.

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Roofers in Cardiff - our Focus

Our business prides itself on high-quality service and ethics. We are proud to offer competitive and affordable roofing prices across Cardiff and the surrounding area. 

We have built a large amount of experience working in this roofing and construction sector and across a number of locations to allow us all the necessary skills to successfully complete any and all jobs involving roofing in the area.

Contact us today and get a free roofing quote or discuss your job in more detailed with one of our experienced roofing contractors.

Roofing Contractor in Cardiff

Our Project Approach

Every project is treated with an equal amount of care, going above and beyond to ensure every one of our loyal clients get the service they deserve. When doing our very first enquiry, we will always be sure to provide a fully accurate quotation for the job at hand, including time, materials and labour.

Every scenario in roofing is different meaning there is no standard quotation that can be provided until the full scope of work is inspected. When completing our inspection and assessment, we must ensure quality control over every step as we understand how important it is to exceed all expectations and set a work ethic above all other companies in the industry locally.

Measure twice, build once is the ideology that our roofing contractors follow through out each stage of building.

Quotation Process - Roofers Cardiff

To achieve the best results during our quotation process, we follow an effective and simple strategy stated below:

  1. Take notes on all details of the job on the initial phone call
  2. Schedule a meeting at your location that is convenient for both our roofing specialist and you.
  3. Inspect and make an assessment on the job, such as average time required, materials needed and accessibility to the roof in question.
  4. You will then receive a detailed and accurate quotation, broken down so you know everything included.
Tile roof repair with multi colour tiles in Cardiff

Roofers Cardiff Headquarters

Although our headquarters are based in the Welsh capital of Cardiff, our roofing contractor services are available across the whole of South Glamorgan. 

Our company goal is to offer reliable, dedicated, and high-quality customer service to ensure you have made the right choice in choosing a roofing company you can rely on and trust. you can typically find us online when using a search engine if you type “roofers near me” or “roofers in Cardiff”.

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Roofing Contractors in Cardiff and South Glamorgan

When it comes to roofers in Cardiff, there is always the potential threat of a large range of issues. The roof repair services that we offer are designed to face every eventuality and obstacle. You can find a list and breakdown below of the services that we offer with roofing across Cardiff and surrounding areas.

Flat and Felt Roof Repair
Finding and fixing leaks across all types of flat roofs that will include lead, EPDM, asphalt and more.

Tile & Slate Roof Repair
Assessing and replacing cracked or destroyed tiles, fixing leaks and slippages.

Pitched Roof Repair
Inspecting and fixing flashings, installing specialist support structures along with renewing the timber.

Roof Repairs on Emergencies
Action a survey to establish source or weaknesses and leaks followed by finalising a successful emergency roof repair ASAP.

Clearing Blocked Gutters
Clearing debris in downpipes and guttering, the removal and emptying of blockages and installing up to date gutter guards.

Survey for Roof Inspection
Book and purchase ahead, an inspection survey of your roof on residential and commercial properties.

Repair of Broken Gutters
Updating and strengthening cracked and damaged parts and finalising with a flow test to check the quality.

Each member of our team has years of ample experience dealing with all problems that roofs can have. We are ready daily to receive and respond to all and any type of enquiry involving roofs in Cardiff and the South Glamorgan area.

Pillars of Professionalism - Roofers Cardiff

Our company governs itself with a solid set of foundations that are considered the four pillars that hold the roof above the industry’s head. This is a belief we share with our partner company that does roofing in San Antonio. It is our belief that each of these pillars are the reason our customers have become loyal clients who have repeatedly recommended our services to friends and family, and spoken such praise of our work.

Personal Service
Regardless of who you speak to within our company, we always aim to achieve the very best first impression and guarantee that all of our team will greet you politely, professionally and attentively. Each team member is trained in customer service to make sure they can deal with any type of roofing job whether urgent or disastrous. We fully understand how frustrating and inconvenient issues can be with your roof, and believe that all work must be carried out respectfully and professionally in our clients property. 

Affordable Prices
Considering our decades of experience, we make sure our prices remain competitive across the industry, whilst matching a top-of-the-range service. You will never be advised and convinced to have work on your property and roof that is not necessary. Our aim is to work in line with your budget as best as possible, by recommending the right products and services that will fit your needs. We will discuss all these points to best align the right procedure and make sure there are no hidden expenses for you.

High Standard
One of our main ethos as a company is our high standard towards every aspect of our roofing contractor work, and creating the very best reputation in the local community. We have taken advice from our partners website who leads the way in Roof repair Rochester Hills and Roofing Fort Mcmurray. Our daily enthusiasm towards the work we do is always aimed at achieving your utmost satisfaction. Feel confident you have made the right decision in contacting us today. 

Brilliant Reputation
The work we have done has left us truly proud as a company, through the positive impact it has made on our customers and their properties. Our professional, and friendly approach really is of utmost importance with everything we do. Our day to day work as roofing contractors relies on satisfied customers, and a recommendation is what motivates our company to always improve and excel. Always feel free to give us feedback every step of the way. Or visit our GMB listing to leave a review there about your experience with Roofers Cardiff.

If you are having problems with your roof, or simply have some questions you would like answered, it’s important to consider that a roofer must be able to provide a high standard of work within a professional timeframe. This is something we have seen across northern Europe and something our partner entreprise de couverture can confirm.

Dark grey tiled roof after being repaired by Roofers Cardiff
Tile roof repair with multi colour tiles in Cardiff
Damaged tiles covered in Moss being prepared for repair in Cardiff by Roofers Cardiff
Areas of Operation

Roofers Cardiff provides roofing contractor services across a wide area within south Wales including Cardiff and the general South Glamorgan region. There are a number of companies providing roofing services in this region, but few that can match our level of service and quality. Our high level of experience allows us to notice defects and even leaks that other roofing companies could miss. If you have any questions, please fill out our enquiry form or simply give us a call. You will find below our list of areas of operation so you can be pleased to say you know a professional roofers near me. Our area of operations remains flexible and we can aim to provide a service in any location around South Wales depending on the job and work.

Cardiff Includes; Adamsdown, Atlantic Wharf, Newtown, Saltmead, Riverside, Leckwith, East Moors, Roath, Cathays, Maindy, Llandaff, Fairwater, Penarth Marina, Tremorfa, Roath Park, Mynachdy, Birchgrove, Whitchurch, Rhydypenau, Rumney, Cyncoed, Llanishen, Rhiwbina, and many more.

South Glamorgan including; St Fagans, Barry, Peterston-Super-Ely, Bonvilston, Radyr, Lisvane, Pontprennau, St Mellons, Peterstone Wentlooge, Tongwynlais, Wenvoe, Lavernock, Sully, Cowbridge, St Athan, Llancarfan, Rhoose, Gibbons Down and many more.

Check out our partners if you need roofing contractors, flat roofing in Leeds, roofers Akron Ohio or even siding contractors.

Roofing News

If you were not aware, the UKCA mark is coming into force within 6 months to replace the current CE marking.

This will happen on 1 January 2022 when the current one-year transition period ends.

Commencing from 2022, almost all products that were previously stamped with the CE mark will need to have the UKCA mark affixed by an Approved Body.

Don’t forget, that the CE marking will cease to be recognised for the majority of products from 1 January 2022.

Roof Repair / Roofing Contractor FAQ's

Once you have selected a roofing contractor in Cardiff to complete roofing work, it’s time to discuss payment.

Never pay for a roofing job upfront, instead, pay a deposit so that work can begin. The full amount should only be paid once the full roof work has been completed.

If you are worried and believe there may be a leak in your roof, you should always first check for discolouration in the walls of the top floor of your house, along with the ceiling and loft areas. 

If there are found to be damp patches around these upper parts of your house, this will likely signify a leak. Please note that any sign of dripping should also be considered a leak. If you would like to organise a survey with a professional, try searching roofers near me Cardiff for best local results.

The best way to search for roofing companies in your local area is to visit your favourite search engine and type phrases such as roofers near me or roofing companies near me. This will populate local roofers in your area, providing that your device allows its location to accessed.

It’s important to always read the small print on your insurance contract whether looking to fix the roof or not. Most times however, you will be covered by general building insurance policies.

Typically, roofs that face north or are covered by shades such as trees close by, can grow certain types of moss and algae due to the lack of sunlight they are receiving. The lack of sunlight and in turn, heat, means it becomes a perfect damp environment for the moss and algae to grow.

Tile roofs: Roofs that are tiles can vary in shapes and come in a number of different colours. You will usually get either ridged or corrugated contours as well. Slate tiles in comparison are usually much thinner, with tiled roofs often found to be interlocking and overlapping with one another. One exception however is clay roof tiles, which have a formation similar to slate roofs, but differentiate by size with slate always being thinner.

Slate roofs: If it is not obvious at first glance, here are a few things to watch out for. Slate will usually be found in blue-grey colour, be rectangular in shape and very thin in size. The are placed and fit alongside one another.

A sagging roof can be caused by a number of reasons including weakened beams or joists, timber rotting, issues with framing or a change in the roofing cover. It’s always recommended to contact a roofing professional when considering any repairs to your roof.

The best time of year to hire a roofing contractor in Cardiff is when you actually need one and can adequately plan for construction work to commence.

Every season offers their own challenges, winter is too cold, summer is too hot and autumn is too busy.

Spring can offer the best scenario if you want to consider hiring a roofing contractor in Cardiff, and avoid the known challenges above.

If your attic or loft appears to have trapped moist air by the insulation you have, you will often find that condensation can form. It’s important to note that this is no reason to be alarmed. You should however keep an eye on it if it persists in particular after heavy rainfall. Remember that leaks will always come from a consistent flow of liquid or water as a direct result of rainfall, ice or snow.

Firstly, you must check whether you have a south-facing roof. Secondly, have a look at the angle of pitch your roof has, with 35-40 degrees being ideal, but with anything between 10-60 degrees also being suitable. Finally, there must be full access to both sides of your roof in order to install the power inverter which to give you an idea, is about the size of a kitchen oven.

The easiest way to know is by simply using a compass you may have laying around the house or a smart phone at hand and using it in the garden with reference to your roof. Another popular method is using Google Maps on the web, and zooming into your house. You will find a compass on the corner of the screen that will then confirm whether your roof faces South.

It’s important to note that asbestos was banned in the UK in 1985. Any house built since that date is most likely free of asbestos, although asbestos cement was still legally used until 1999. As a professional roofing company in Cardiff, we always advise every client to have a professional inspection or survey even with the slightest of doubts. Asbestos truly is nasty stuff and you should never attempt to remove it yourself.

Our best advice on this question is to avoid walking on the roof at any time. It simply is not worth the risk of injury or creating more damage that could be costly down the line. Simply get in touch with the right roofing contractor and let a professional do the work.

There are a number of reasons that could cause a leak such as damaged or loose slates or tiles, corroded or damaged roof flashings, old pointings, compromised guttering, warped flat roof repair and damage from strong weather.

Gutter Repair FAQ's

This could either be from the flow of rain water being disrupted by debris in the gutter, a loose bracket, or simply that your gutter is too far from the roofs edge. If you have inspected your gutters and still have doubts, please be sure to call a roofing contractor.

Your gutters can often become blocked with debris such as leaves, preventing water flow to get through. If you allow more debris to build up in your gutters, it will soon overflow and weaken the fittings and fixtures holding it together becoming more costly over time to repair.

The two most common reasons are either that there are cracks and holes in your gutters, or that connectors have not been put in place correctly when initially installed. If you’ve confirmed that it is neither of these reasons, then it could be the rubber found in between that has been damaged or come loose.

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