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Are Roofers Licensed – What License Is Required In Cardiff?

Are roofers licensed to work on your roofs? Or are roofing contractors the better option? Read on to find out some of the answers to the most common questions when it comes to hiring a roofing service.

A license ensures that a roofing business is reliable, experienced, and knowledgeable about any problems with your rooftop. It proves that the roofer has been in business for some time and has handled multiple projects in the past. 

A license in the UK varies per area and is not specifically required for a roofing job. It does not necessitate a test and can be given to anyone who has a professional history in roofing and wants to work in this business. It is a valid and substantial document that may be presented to prove their competence in the roofing business and it can help them get more clients.

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The scope of work of a contractor includes roofing but they might not have the license to do so as there are professionals explicitly designated to do that job. A roofer has all the knowledge, experience, and tools available to work on roofs, and their skills are better honed than that of a contractor. The basic requirements of procuring a roofing license are education, training, and experience. 


Our roofs have evolved over the years, from the times when they were thatched roofing to the cemented and wooden ones prevalent today. They were the very first shelter to ever be constructed and to this day, protect us from the natural elements; hard weather conditions and ensures that we stay safe and comfortable. 

A well-maintained roof adds value to your property and avoids leakage problems, helps with insulation, ventilation, and protection of the house. Regular roof maintenance is pertinent in keeping your house safe. You can get the best roof installation and maintenance of your residential or commercial property done by hiring professional roofing services. Professional services ensure that all elements of your roof and ceiling stay in good shape. Roofers are trained in installing, replacing, and repairing different types of roofs and are your best option when it comes to fixing damaged roofs. 

Our team at Cardiff Roofers is equipped with experts who provide a detailed inspection and maintenance of your roof to ensure its structural stability. Contact us at 02922 676 637 to book our service or for any queries you may have. 

How Do You Become a Licensed Roofer?

Becoming a certified roofer can be a gateway into procuring clients and gaining their trust. It serves as proof that the hired personnel has an in-depth knowledge of the business and can handle difficult roofing projects.

 A license also provides them with more projects and solidifies their image as professional roofers. To become a licensed roofer, they need to confer with the guidelines of their state or country. Different areas require certain documentation to start the process of getting a license but once these requirements are met, a company or individual contractor will become a licensed roofer without any further hindrances. 

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Requirements for Getting a License

A crucial requirement for procuring a license in roofing is the association with a roofing company. Once an individual is connected to or working for a roofing company, all the years they spend in the respective company will be added to their portfolio. 

Another factor to address here is the location. Different parts of the UK have different laws and guidelines which need to be followed for a professional to get a license. Most countries require certifications and education as proof of prior roofing expertise before a license is issued. 

There are authentic licensing examinations available on the internet to prepare for the actual test. Once the candidates pass those exams, they have to submit all the required documentation and wait for the screening process to take place. In certain places, a fee needs to be paid along with the exam. 

“The license is normally granted in under a month after the fee and the documents are submitted.”

It is also important to renew licenses after their expiration so companies can have a hassle-free contract with their clients. Companies can pursue work without a license as they are not a hard requirement, but not under the pretense of being licensed.

Why Is It Important to Use a Licensed Roofing Contractor?

There is no shortage of unlicensed handymen offering roofing services at reduced prices when compared to licensed professionals. But you must keep in mind that an unlicensed handyman might do a mediocre job for your roofing, waste materials, and if done badly, their work can cost you further repair in the future. 

There are important reasons to consider a licensed professional for your roofing problems instead of an unlicensed one. Here are four major reasons to choose a licensed roofing company like Roofers Cardiff for your roofing services instead of an unlicensed one:

  • Licensed Roofers Know the Industry

To receive a license in the UK, along with documentation, companies need to pass a test to determine their expertise in the business. This is proof that the roofing company you are hiring knows the details of the practice thoroughly and can deliver on the job. 

With a licensed roofer, you automatically have an assurance that they are a better option for services such as installation of the roof, repair, or maintenance. You have a higher chance of getting the work done professionally, without the risk to have it redone. 

  • Licensed Roofers Never Ask for Illegal Payment

Licensed roofers are professional, unlike unlicensed individuals, and offer a fair rate for their services. They have certain rules that they are bound to as licensed professionals and they never ask for disproportionate charges. Their contract and license obligate them for professional work.

  • Licensed Roofers Carry Insurance

Adding to the list of multiple benefits that come with hiring a licensed roofer is their insurance. The government requires licensed roofers to carry insurance which enables them to work more efficiently and it protects you from liability.

  • Licensed Roofers Offer a Contract

Licensed roofers are professional in their work and as such, offer detailed contracts for the project. The contract deals with the cost of materials, and the timeline of their work, which makes it easy for you to hold the roofer to their word. This level of professionalism is often not expected from unlicensed handymen. 

If you are looking for more information about roofers and roofing licenses, our team at Cardiff Roofers is happy to guide you through the process. We are an educated and qualified team of roofing contractors that have been in the roofing business for a long time where we believe in putting our client’s satisfaction first. 

Feel free to contact us at 02922 676 637 or contact us via our website and we will do our best to help you out.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Roofer Licenses in the UK

  • Do Roofers Need to Be Licensed in The UK?

It is not required by law for roofers to be licensed in the UK but it is beneficial if they are. Licenses open the door for bigger and better job opportunities for the roofers and help them establish a name in the industry.

  • Is a Roofer a Contractor?

A roofer is a person that works on roofs. This person may be a roofing contractor, a licensed roofing contractor, or a general contractor that works on roofs.

  • What is a Certified Roofer?

Certified roofers are people that have undergone extensive training and have a lot of experience working on roofs and every element associated with them. They may also have a roofing license and years of experience as a roofer. 

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