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Flat and felt roof repairs don’t need to be a nuisance, simply call us today and we will complete a fast, and efficient survey on potential damage with little to no intrusion. Whether it’s inspecting leaking, damaged, worn or any other felt & flat roof repair, our professional roofing contractors will know what is required and resolve the issue quickly. We have ample amount of knowledge, along with years of experience fixing all types of flat roofs including asphalt, lead, EPDM, felt, single ply membrane and all other types of metal.

If you have any worries or doubts that your roof may need an inspection, don’t wait until the next thunderstorm where any damage might get worse, to contact a roofing professional near you. If the work is not carried out in time, the damage could get drastically worse and increase the costs of repair significantly. When it comes to flat roof repair, water truly is your biggest enemy. It will weaken structural timbers over time if not drained properly, as the weight of it building up puts stress on the structure.

It’s important to also be aware of saturated brickwork that will cause dampness internally and ultimately need decoration and restoration. You can be sure to find outstanding roofers in Cardiff to inspect and check all corners of your flat roof before they offer recommendations for repair works. The very first step we take is preventing damage from getting worse, before following with our other steps in flat roof repair in Cardiff and Glamorgan.

Flat roof being repaired and then treated in Cardiff by Roofers Cardiff

Flat Roof Repair in Cardiff and Glamorgan

  • Replacing or repairing problematic flashings
  • Repointing brickwork and raking the crumbling mortar in the process
  • Repairing roof covering along with resealing joints
  • Fixing up seal along skylight
  • Replacement and removal of broken bricks

One good bit of information to know is that all flat and felt roofs have weaknesses around the abutment points and the edges too. Be aware that a flat roof covering that has applied but not prepared for any structural movement can be detrimental to your flat roof and be the main cause of leaks and pointing defects and flashings.

You may also find other extensive defects to your flat roof where a whole new one would need to be installed. If in fact your home needs these drastic measures, we will always provide a professional and detailed evaluation of the issues and work at hand, in order to provide the very best quote for you.

Flat Roofs and Pooling
Probably the most common problem flat roof homes will come across is ponding or pooling. If there is not an efficient enough (or any) draining system installed, the water will ‘pool’, where the weight of it will create excess stress on the joints and seals of the roof. We highly recommend any homeowner with a flat roof, in particular pooling with more than 2cm, to contact us as you will highly benefit from a professional flat roof repair assessment.

If you wish to inspect your flat roof first, here are some important points to look out for:
Plants or moss growing
Pool of water present
Water patches showing where water pooling had occurred previously

Alternatively, we have a detailed article on everything you want to know about repairing a flat roof in Cardiff. Understand the typical problems to expect and the best practices for repairing a flat roof on your Cardiff property. If you still have questions about, please call us or leave your details on our contact for below. We also offer information made available to us from our partners such as Cairns roofing restorations and in our opinion, the leading roofing company in Springdale, AR.

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