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Repairing Broken Gutters in Cardiff

To ensure water doesn’t damage a number of other parts of your property, it’s extremely vital to have gutters in place. If you notice leaking, damage, sagging with your gutters, or they are not draining properly, you should organise gutter repair done at your very earliest convenience. When guttering is not functioning properly, damp problems will become visible in the internal areas creating high costs for any homeowner.

If your gutters have become a cause for concern, due to issues with blocking or damage, do not hesitate to contact Roofing Services Cardiff and one of our experienced contractors will come by your property at your utmost convenience to assess the gutter repair work required.

Gutter Repair Cardiff
Each one of our professional roofing contractors have ample experience in solving every issue that arises from poor or damaged gutterings. To give you an idea, here is a list of the most common jobs we do surrounding gutter repair:

  • Making sure the brackets and fascia are well secured with your gutters
  • Replacing all together faulty sections of your gutters.
  • Replacing new stop ends where they are damaged
  • Repairing the socket wall clips on the downpipe
  • Testing the water flow going through your gutters
  • Applying or unblocking your gutter guards
  • Evaluating the pitched roof valleys to find and fix any problems that have arised
Damaged gutter to be repaired by Roofs Cardiff
A blocked gutter repaired

Types of Guttering in Cardiff

Our years of experience has made sure each member of our team is highly experienced in dealing with all types of gutterings repairs. Our roofing contractors have worked on guttering jobs such as:

  • Plastic PVC
  • Aluminium
  • Zinc
  • Cast Iron
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel

To add to the above list of gutter materials, we also cover a number of profile types of repair involving gutters:

  • Square line
  • Half round
  • Deep flow
  • European
  • K-style/Ogee
  • Box

What causes Gutter Damage?

There’s a few reasons that could be to blame for the faulty or damaged gutters, however be sure that all of our experienced roofing contractors are able to uncover and fix all potential issues. We have put together a list below of the most common issues we have witnessed as a roofing company in Cardiff and Glamorgan:

  • With high levels of weight or ultraviolet light, PVC gutters will become weak and brittle
  • The protective paint on cast iron gutters can become weathered which will then lead to rust. If untreated, these particular gutters can suffer from holes too
  • PVC gutters are well known to contract and even expand over time, compared with other materials. This change of shape can cause them to become useless
  • Blockages are often the most common issue, and will weaken your gutters substantially due to the extra weight it puts on the joints.

How Do I Clear Blocked Gutters?
A very common blockage type happens in Autumn when the trees lose their leaves and these are picked up in your gutters. This is only the start of your problems, as any leaves that are not cleared will create a domino effect of blockage, damp, faulty guttering and permanent damage which will be costly.

On top of that, other debris are more easily collected in the gutters when leaves are already blocking them, which can also lead to moss growing. Of course, this constant build up of debris puts added weight and pressure on your guttering system, resulting in weak fixings and visible sagging.

It’s important to keep in mind that a regular call and inspection from a roofing contractor can really keep costs of repairs down in the long run. The worst case scenario is that the entire wall around the faulty gutters loses its structural integrity, being truly a catastrophic problem to deal with! 

Our Best Tip For Guttering Maintenance
Make sure to invest in the products and material that best suit the safety of your home such as gutter guards which are cheaper than most people realise. Be sure to act fast if you have any doubts about your gutters as speed and proactivity can often if not always make the difference.

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