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How Much Does A New Roof Cost In Cardiff?

If you are wondering how much does a new roof cost, then keep on reading! A roof is one of the most essential components of any house because it protects the residents from harmful exterior elements and keeps them safe. It is constantly at work against the sun and the rain, which is why it is susceptible to harsher damage and requires more upkeep.

How Much Does a Roof Replacement Cost in the UK?

Typically, a roof replacement can cost about £5500 depending on the location of your property and the size of the roof that needs to be replaced. Most people in the UK spend between £2200 and £7200 on a new roof. 

When it comes to the cost of roof replacement or installation, there are a lot of factors to be considered and taken into account, such as the material you choose to construct or replace the roof, cost of the labour, time duration to complete the roof, cost of hiring a skip, and the company profit, among others.

Following the publication of the EU’s Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, in April 2006, Part L of the Building Regulations was revised together with its Approved Document. Part L deals with the Conservation of Fuel and Power in Buildings. 

The revision of the Approved Document aims to reduce energy consumption by 20% in comparison with the 2002 level. These regulations affect your property if you intend to repair or replace more than 50% of the surface area of your roof, or more than 25% of the total area of the building envelope. [1]

How Much Does a New Roof Cost in the UK in 2020?

It costs about £5,500 to replace a roof, according to the national average in the UK. Most homeowners spend about £3,000 to £16,300 depending on the size of the property and how intricate the roof is.

Roof repair and replacement are very common in the UK. However, as roofs come in many different sizes and shapes and are built using different materials, roofing costs can vary significantly.

How Much Does a New Roof Cost in the UK in 2021?

Roof installation costs range anywhere between £120 to £250 per square meter, depending on the size and the materials needed to complete the roof. Different types of roofs also have varying prices: a hip roof will cost between £6,000 to £10,000; a gable roof will cost between £5,000 to £9,000 and a flat roof will cost between £1,440 to £2,080 respectively. Aside from the cost of materials, you also have to take into account the labour costs and the cost of removing your current roof, which will roughly amount to £1,000 to £2,000.

Cost Breakdown of a New Roof:

If you are wondering how much does a new roof cost, then it depends on what roof you have chosen for your home, because there is a significant difference between a flat roof and a pitched one.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are named ‘flat’ but they are usually built with a slight slope so that rainwater gets easily drained without pooling on top of the roof and causing water damage. Although, it has been rare to find a property that has flat roofs only, as most structures that are extensions or garages tend to have flat roofs. Recently flat roofs have become a popular roofing option because of their low costs and durability.

A flat roof will cost about £50 per square meter if you use standard materials such as tile, but as you move towards more high-grade materials such as fibreglass, the cost of the flat roof will also increase. The cost of fibreglass roofing can go as high as £80+ per square meter. Flat roofs aren’t as strong as tilted ones but if your flat roof is made of fibreglass, you can rest assured that those will last you a long time with minimum upkeep. If you choose to opt-out of using fibreglass then your roof will require periodic repairs. Minor jobs can cost you hundreds, but if you keep running into problems with your roof, then you might need to completely replace the flat roof.  


Pitched Roofs

Pitched roofs are the most common in the UK because of their long-lasting and aesthetically appealing nature. These roofs can be built using a variety of materials, which means that the expense is also going to vary. The most expensive material that is used to build a pitched roof is slate and it can cost around £15,000 on average. Usually, slate is cheap but most roofs need thousands of individual slate pieces, which can add up to a higher cost.

The reason people usually choose slate despite the high cost is that slate is very durable and can stay in working condition for a very long time. If you want to save costs, then you can choose the cheaper tile options. Even if tiled roofs get damaged, they are so durable that you probably only need to change sections of the damaged tiles, which will save quite a bit of money in the long run. Moreover, the repairs will only cost you around £200.

What is Re-roofing?

Re-roofing is the process of placing new shingles on top of old ones and it can only be done on a roof that hasn’t been re-roofed before. Re-roofing is the ideal choice for people who don’t want to pay for a completely new roof, but the shingles on their current roof are missing or had faced water damaged.

To get re-roofing done, the layer of wood under your shingles should be in good condition and shouldn’t be sagging or rotting because in that case, then re-roofing is not an option. It is advisable to get re-roofing done on an entire roof rather than only on small areas. In many cases, re-roofing might not be an option because of the age and condition of the roof so talk to your contractor to see if it is an option for you. If not, then your other option is to get a complete roof replacement.

What are the Benefits of Re-roofing?

There are many benefits of re-roofing but the most obvious one is that re-roofing is much cheaper than replacing your whole roof. Another reason people choose re-roofing over roof replacement is that when you place an additional layer of shingles on top of the existing one, you strengthen the overall condition of the roof which will come in handy during a storm.

In addition, over time, your shingles will get discoloured and get dirty, which can negatively affect the overall appeal of the house, especially if you are trying to sell it. Therefore, re-roofing can help fix that without breaking your bank. Moreover, the best thing about re-roofing is that it is pretty quick so if you are in a rush to sell the house or simply can’t take enough time out of your calendar to get a new roof installed, then re-roofing is a pretty convenient option.

How much is the Cost of Re-roofing a House in Cardiff?

Many factors need to be considered before we can estimate the cost of re-roofing a house such as the size of your roof, cost of the roofing company you have chosen to hire, the materials that are going to be used in the re-roofing process, and whether you are going to alter the style of your roof or not.  Due to these factors, combined with the fact that we don’t know how much damage your roof currently has, it is hard to provide an estimate on the price.

What is Cardiff Roof Restoration?

Another great option to consider before you consider how much a new roof will cost you, is roof restoration. Roof restoration refers to the process in which the roof is inspected, cleaned, repaired, and re-coated. During the restoration process, the roofing material is left as it is, only minor issues are addressed and the roof is resurfaced. Before considering a roof restoration, you have to get your yearly roof inspection document, which shouldn’t be older than six months.

The overall roof should be in good condition and there shouldn’t be any leakage, decay, or mould. Additionally, roofs that have had re-roofing done before are good candidates for a roof restoration because they already have two sets of shingles in place; otherwise replacing them can be quite costly.

When Should I Replace My Roof?

Before thinking about how much does a roof replacement cost, you have to know what the right time to get a new roof is. Most roofers suggest that you should get your roof replaced before it fails because you don’t want to be in the middle of a storm to realize that your roof has leaked.

One of the most common signs that your roof is starting to age is that your roof shingles curl and crack, which can cause an issue like leaking. Therefore, a leaking roof means that it needs a replacement as soon as possible. Rotting is another very important sign that you need to have your roof replaced or repaired, and you need to do it fast because there is no telling when the whole thing will just fall through.

Older houses have tar or roof cement around chimneys, vents, and skylights, which is not a durable roofing material, and if it cracks, it will cause leakage for sure. So, even if you don’t get the whole roof replaced, you should get metal flashings for these areas so you can be at ease knowing that it is not going to leak any time soon.

Another very important sign people miss is moss; thinking of it as harmless as mould but unlike mould or fungi, moss indicates that there is moisture trapped inside the roof, which can cause internal damage without you being able to see it. Therefore, it is always better to get that checked out before it becomes a bigger problem. And finally, a droopy and saggy roof is never a good sign and if you check around, then you are most likely to find trapped moisture, sagging spots, and rotting boards. All this indicates that it is time to get a quote and get your roof replaced.

How Often Do Roofs Need to be Replaced in Cardiff?

Most roofs in the UK have a 20 to 25-year life expectancy, so if you haven’t had any repairs done or haven’t had a roof replacement in the last two decades, then you should probably get your roof checked out and replaced.

What is the Cost of Replacing a Roof on a 1300 Square Foot Home?

If you want to replace your roof with asphalt shingles, it will cost you about £5,100 which is a rough estimate, since the cost will also depend on various other factors such as the roofer, the cost of the materials used, labour charges, in addition to the cost of removing the previous roof. Typically, it depends on what type of material you are planning to use for your home and whether you will be making any significant changes or not.

Causes of Roof Repair

Roofs exist as protection against outside elements that might cause you harm. A leaking roof means that the roof has failed to serve its purpose and it is one of the main reasons people get their roofs fixed. Here are some major reasons due to which your roof can leak:

Ice Dams

When snow piles up on your roof and you fail to remove it on time, it can melt again in freezing temperatures and form what is known as an ice dam. This ice dam prevents the water from running off the roof and in some cases, it can also prevent the water from reaching the gutters. This results in moisture buildup, which causes the wood to rot underneath, leading to subsequent and dangerous leakage.

Roof Pitch

When the roof isn’t pitched properly, it can be vulnerable to wind damage. It can also prevent the water to properly drain from the roof, which can again cause rotting and leaks.

Missing or Cracked Flashing

Flashing is something that is fitted around the chimney, the skylight, and vents, to prevent rainwater from entering. However, cracked and old metal flashings can leak, and sometimes extreme weather conditions like harsh winds can completely rip the flashing off.


The gutter system that is fitted to the roof is called the valleys and it guides the water down. If the metal flashing in the gutter gets damaged, it can cause a water blockage, which can lead to a fungus buildup, resulting in the leakage of the roof tiles.

Broken or Missing Roof Tiles

This is one of the most common reasons for roof leaks in the UK.  When there are rough winds, the roof tiles can move out of place, and sometimes the wind can completely rip the tiles off, compromising the integrity of the roof.

Roof Repair Cost in Cardiff

  • If it’s a minor leaking issue then it will cost you between £100 to £200, as the severity of the issue is an important consideration for pricing.
  • If you want to replace a single ridge tile on top of the roof then the cost will fall between £75 to £110.
  • A roofing company will typically charge between £40 to £75 to clean out the gutters.
  • It will cost you about £60 to £100 to replace up to six broken or missing roof tiles.
  • Replacing a meter or so of metal flashing will cost you between £100 to £250

All these prices don’t include VAT so make sure to get a quote to get the correct pricing for the area of your residence.

What are the Benefits of Re-tiling Old Roofs?

Retiling is when you hire a roofer to retile your roofs; they will remove all the previous tiles and replace them with new ones. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of retiling old roofs.

  1. If you are thinking about selling your property, then you have to make sure that it is visually appealing and free of any structural problems because you don’t want the new family to move in, only to discover that the house has many unresolved issues, even though it was initially aesthetically pleasing. This is why retiling is a great option since it can help the roof retain its structural integrity and it is much cheaper than getting the whole roof replaced. You can also add the price of getting the roof retiled to the price of the home which will make for a good return on your investment. The retiled roof can increase the aesthetic value and price of your home up to 63% according to online sources.
  2. It rains 75% of the year in the UK and if your roof is missing tiles, it can cause the roof to leak, which can lead to even more problems in the long run. This is why it is always a good idea to get your house retiled, especially if the majority of the tiles are damaged, missing, or curling.
  3. Retiling a roof is typically budget-friendly as compared to getting your whole roof replaced.
  4. When an entire roof is retiled, it will also improve the insulation of the roof, which means that the house will be cool during summers and warm during winters.

Hidden Costs of Getting a Roof Replaced

While asking the question ‘how much does a new roof cost’, you must take into consideration several hidden costs. For instance, one common situation people don’t account for is access because if your roof is hard to reach, the contractor might have to construct scaffolding, which means additional charges. Lastly, people also don’t factor in the cost of hiring a skip to take away the waste caused due to the replacement of the previous roof. 

Why are roofers so Expensive?

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