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Pitched Roofing Contractors in Cardiff

First things first, always try and check to see if anything looks out of place on your tiled roof from the ground. You may have heard something coming from the roof but cannot visually see anything. You should contact a roofing contractor before risking climbing the roof yourself. At Roofers Cardiff, our professionals will always aim to complete a satisfactory job in the quickest time possible to avoid disrupting your day. Water pooling or leaking can cause serious structural damage to your home which is often not visible to the naked eye. Our roofing professionals have the right skills and experience to keep a solid roof over your head no matter what type of tile roof repair you need.

Pitched Roof being repaired in Cardiff by Roofers Cardiff
Dark grey tiled roof after being repaired by Roofers Cardiff

Tiled Roof Repair

All of our trained roofing contractors will be sure to ascertain and discover the problem with your tile roofing before any work is carried out. We will be sure to halt any further damage from happening before proceeding with the repair work.

You can find below a list of the most common repair work we complete in relation to tile roofs:

  • Making sure tiles that have slipped are positioned back to their original position
  • Putting new ridge, valley or hip tiles where they have been compromised
  • Replacing cracked, broken or defective tiles
  • Repointing mortar on walls and chimney parapet
  • Replace and remove bricks that have been damaged
  • Replacing and renewing flashing around skylight windows and Velux
  • Replacing where needed or simply sealing any cracked flashings

Pitched Roof Repair in Cardiff and Replacement Tiles

If you have found that the tiles on your roof have been damaged or broken and need replacing, our roofers here in Cardiff will always find the right replacement that matches your current tiles. In fact it’s highly unlikely that any of our roofing contractors will ever fail to find the right colour or textured tiles for each of our clients needs. This is simply because we have access to the best and largest distributors nationally, meaning even the hardest tiles to replace can be found with us. To top it all off, we also try to match a replacement tile with similar weathering to the rest of your roof, to avoid it standing out and being unpleasant to the eye.

Frequency of Tile Roof Repair in Cardiff
You can expect a tiled roof to last around 60 years, although this also depends on the quality of the materials and tiles along with the conditions they will be exposed to. During their lifespan, tiled roofs are very sensitive to damage or movement caused by a number of weather conditions. Our team have partnered with experienced roofers rom across the world to learn the best methods, such as from one of our specialists in roof repair Hillsboro. No matter the issues, you can always rely on us to repair any work necessary.

The concern and problem is that rain can cause detrimental damage to the interior support and structure of a tiled roof if it is not fixed immediately. The financial cost will be substantially higher if both the roof AND the internal structures are damaged. Timber roofs that are exposed to damp conditions for large amounts of time will attract rot, this being the largest threat we have been advised about from our partners McDonough Roof Repair. The cost and work to replace an entire roof compared with simple repairs are simply much higher without mentioning the huge problem this will pose on you and your families daily life and routine.

Pitched roof being completely stripped and repaired in Cardiff by Roofers Cardiff
soffit on roof in Cardiff with blue sky behind

Fascias and soffits

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