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A damaged roof is something no homeowner wishes to deal with but with the daily exposure to the ever-changing weather, it is a necessary evil. On the one hand, homeowners throughout the UK wonder, whether or not to pay the costs of the roof repair immediately or wait for some time.

Furthermore, some homeowners want to give their roofs a refreshingly new makeover by upgrading their roofs and installing energy-efficient panels. Regardless of your specific scenario, finding a local roofing contractor and hiring the right person for this job is highly imperative.

If you are planning to replace or install a new roof to your home anytime soon, your first question must be: what does a roofer charge per hour? In the next few sections, we will talk about everything you need to know regarding a professional roofer in the UK.

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What Does a Roofing Contractor Do?

You must be wondering – what does a roofer charge per hour for a roofing project? Before we get into that, you first need to know what a roofer does and what services are offered, before you hire one. 

A roofer or a roofing contractor is a professional tradesman who specializes in roof construction. Roofers replace, reinstall, or repair the roofs of homes and buildings. He must deliver his services with a great organizational and physical skill set. As a roofing job is extremely challenging and demanding, he must be in good shape in terms of health and stamina. It is a roofer’s job to not only inspect the project site but also provide a few practical options to their clients, and advise them into selecting the roofing idea which suits their property the best.

What Services Does a Roofer Offer?

Following are a list of services that a roofing contractor provides his customers with:

  • Replacing, reinstalling, or repairing flat roofs, tiles, leadwork, etc.
  • Installing energy-efficient materials
  • Converting a roof from flat to a pitched roof, or vice versa
  • Roof cleaning and sweeping, including moss removal
  • Repairing, replacing, or PVC capping of fascias, soffits, inlets etc.
  • Repoints, replacing, capping, and sweeping chimneys
  • Installing skylights and dormer windows
  • Delivering the roofing materials and equipment to the site
  • Removing waste and disposed materials from the site

How Does a Roofer Charge in the UK?

Roofers usually charge in terms of hourly wages. This way it is easier to keep track of the work done, especially during large-scale projects. These charges depend on several factors as discussed below:

  • One of these is the area of the roofing surface. Projects with a larger surface area tend to require a bigger crew of roofers, increased working hours, and more quantity of roofing materials and equipment. This has a direct effect on the increment in roofing charges.
  • Another factor that impacts the charges set by the roofer is the weather conditions. If a customer is getting the job done under unfavourable weather conditions, he will have to pay more as compared to work-friendly weather conditions.
  • The third factor is the type of roofing material selected for the job. For example, slate is an expensive roofing material that costs ten times more than an average asphalt shingle. Its installation process is also much more elaborate. Thus, a roofing contractor charges more for projects involving slates. Therefore, the material picked for roofing greatly influences the costs of the roofing job.
  • The location of the site also plays a major role in determining the charges of a roofing contractor. If a property is old and has poor maintenance conditions, the work will be much more tedious and require proper care. Hence, this will lead to increased charges.
  • The ease of access to the roof is one of the most important factors in determining roofing costs. If the roof of the property is not accessible, scaffolding is required. It is a temporary structure installed on the site to support the working crew, materials, and equipment needed to do the job. So, installing it can significantly increase the overall cost.

Now we know that most roofers prefer to get paid on an hourly basis and that certain factors impact their overall costs. Next, let us talk about exactly, what does a roofer charge per hour?

What is the Average Hourly Rate for a Roofer in the UK?

As of 2021 [1], the average salary of a roofer is £15.30 per hour in the United Kingdom. Roofers who are reputed and experienced can earn as high as £19.59 per hour. However, minimum roofing rates can decrease up to £13.23. The best city in the UK, with the largest turnover, for roofers, is Glasgow. 

We have also provided further information regarding the breakdown of wages of a roofer in the UK.

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What is the Daily Rate for a Roofer?

The average daily wage of a roofer is £115. Maximum earnings can be as high as £147 while minimum earnings can go as low as £99.20.

How Many Hours a Week Does a Roofer Work?

The average working hours of a roofer per week is forty hours which means that he works eight hours, for five business days of a week. At this rate, he can earn £575 as his average monthly wage.

How Much Can a Roofer Make Annually?

A roofer in the UK earns an average of £29,832 annually. The lowest average wage is almost £25,793, while the highest is around £38,207.

Roof Repair vs. Replacement?

Now that we have discussed what does a roofer charge per hour, let’s move on to the next important part i.e., deciding whether you want to only repair the damages or replace the entire roof. This decision as a homeowner has a direct impact on the costs of the projects and the safety of the inhabitants. It may seem confusing to decide on the option that fits you the best, but you must make the right choice; hence, we are here to help you with that.

When is Roof Replacement Inevitable?

For your convenience, we have listed a few situations in which it is inevitable to replace a roof.

  • The Roof has Aged

Depending on the material of your roof, it is important to know about your roof’s life expectancy and durability. When put up for sale, the houses offering new roofs have greater value in the market than those offering roofs that have reached their sell-by date deadlines. 

  • Overwhelming Roof Damage

In some cases, you might be dealing with a roof that is far too damaged for mere repair work. For example, if a tree has fallen squarely on the top of your roof, chances are that the damage will likely be way too expensive for repairs.

Another serious reason is the damage caused by a natural disaster, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. which causes structural damage that won’t be readily apparent, and for which you would require roof inspections by professionals. Even if your roof is made of the strongest materials, you might need to replace it, if it is damaged by a catastrophic event. 

  • The Repair is Only Temporary

Even though roof repairs are inexpensive than roof replacements, the difference is not always substantial. Replacing the old, failing roof rather than repeatedly paying for roof repairs is worth the investment, regardless of your plans to staying in the house or selling it.

What are the Benefits of Opting for a Roof Replacement Over Repairing?

There are a few benefits of choosing to replace your roof rather than repairing it. Some of these, we have highlighted below:

  • Your roof will be up-to-date with the current building codes, which will save you from future legal troubles, especially when selling your house.
  • Another advantage of roof replacement is that you can get multiple components installed or replaced at the same time in contract repairing projects, which focus only on the damaged areas.
  • Indeed, a new roof can eventually cost a lot less over time as compared to frequent, expensive, stop-gap repairs that you will have to invest in.
  • Modern roofing is designed on an energy-efficient theme, incorporating elements that are best for shelter from the elements and help in reflecting sunlight.
  • Last but not the least, it enhances the aesthetic and curb appeal of your home.

Cost to Repair/ Replace a Roof – Breakdown of Charges

Having a trusty roof over your head means you and your family are safe and comfortable within your house, which is a basic need for our well-being and safety. Therefore, you need to ensure that the roof of your house is in healthy shape. If it shows any signs of weakness or distortion, it’s in your best interest to reach out to a roofer and get it fixed

The cost of a roofing project can vary and is based on a lot of factors, as we have discussed earlier. In the UK, the majority of home roofing projects cost around £150 to £1100, with the average cost being £650. In this section, we provide estimated costs of some particular roofing services that will surely be of help to you, before you hire a contractor.

The cost of a flat roof repair usually starts with a few hundred pounds. However, if you have a flat roof that has been repaired several times, we recommend that you go for a roof replacement. This is comparatively going to be a greater investment both in terms of time and money, but as stated earlier, it will save you the repetitive repairing expenses that you might encounter every few months.

The felt underneath the flat roof costs £50 per square. If you want to go for more durable options, you can consider materials such as Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), which costs around £100 per square. Overall, the cost of an entire flat roof replacement starts at around £1000. 

If a roof is leaking, the culprit is usually a broken tile. Replacement of damaged or missing roof tile takes around £100-200. However, if you only need to repair a few tiles, the cost will be a lot less. A roof specialist would not take more than a few hours to complete the entire job. The materials required are quite simple, including a handful of new tiles and a mixture of cement. In case, the roofer feels the need to replace the felt underneath the tiles as well, then the cost will be slightly higher. This job will ensure the prevention of any future leaks from the roof. 

  • Sagging Roof

The reasons behind a sagging roof are several. A roofer will not only have to find the cause of the problem but will also have to suggest, whether it is better to replace the entire roof instead of fixing it. One of the reasons is the retiling of the roof that might have led to new tiles being heavier than the original ones, thereby adding more weight to the structure. This added weight will create an irregular shape on top of the roof, which is not only going to affect the aesthetics but is also extremely dangerous. In this case, the roofer will add extra support in the form of joists or rafters, to support the extra weight. For this job, you could be looking anywhere between £1000-£2000.

If the cause of the sagging roof is more deep-rooted, the job will become much more elaborate. An example of this is waterlogging. In this case, it is not only wise but essentially important to repair the roof immediately to prevent any further damage. Because if it isn’t dealt with in time, the roof might fall off. This entire replacement will cost you anywhere between £5000 to £12,000, depending on the location and size of your property and the extremity of damage. 

These are important investments to maintain the integrity of your roof and protect it from any harmful damage. The facias are installed vertically below the roof tiles and usually have gutters, fixed on the fascia board. The cost of a white PVC fascia board of 8ft is around £10 to £30. You also have the option to buy the wooden ones, which relatively cost less.

Soffit, on the other hand, covers the space between the wall of the house and the edge of the room. This helps prevent the birds and wasps from nesting in an otherwise open place. The cost of a 12ft panel is about £20

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How to Find a Roofer in Cardiff

There are several ways to find a roofing contractor near your hometown in the UK. The best method is to find contractors online as this helps you answer: what does a roofer charge per hour? Moreover, it makes it easier for you to compare your options. Many websites such as or provide access to contractors based on the kind of job you are looking for and the city where you want the job to be done. This way, you can conveniently browse through options, before you finalize a contractor for your roofing project.

What Should I Know About a Roofer?

One of the most important things to know about a contractor is whether he is qualified for the task. Besides his skill work, some of the other attributes you need in a roofer include a strong personality, good decision-making qualities, and a positive attitude. He must have an eye for minor details and have the passion to perform regardless of the extremities, such as unfavourable weather conditions, which is one of the major hindrances when it comes to roofing jobs. 

There is no doubt that experience matters a lot as well. Once you have chosen a roofer, we believe that the best way to gain confidence in him is by looking into the older projects he has done for other clients, similar to yours. As there are many roofing contractors available, you can meet with a few different ones and choose someone with the most practical mindset, creative ideas, and affordable bid for the job.

Roofing Contractor Hiring Checklist

We have compiled a short checklist of questions you might want to consider asking.

  • What are the roofer’s credentials and is he licensed to provide you with roofing services?
  • What does the roofer charge per hour? Will it vary later on, during the project?
  • Does he have additional costs for bringing constructing materials to the site?
  • How long will the job take and what happens, if it exceeds the quoted time?
  • What guarantees does the contractor provide and what remedies will he be willing to do, in case you are not satisfied with the services?

Is There a Way to Reduce Service Charges When Hiring?

Yes, there are some possibilities to reduce the overall service charges, when hiring a tradesman. For instance, a roofer needs certain materials during construction. Instead of paying a premium to the roofer, what you can do is purchase the supplies by yourself. This will be comparatively less expensive than counting on the roofer to buy those items for you. Other than that, using comparison sites and asking about referral discounts is another way to cut down on the overall cost of the project.


When you think about it, there is no better way to upgrade your home than with some great quality roofing services. Decisions regarding your roof are to impact you in the long term, therefore it is best to have a roofing specialist examine your roof and provide you with the best options. We hope that this article not only helped you answer your question: what does a roofer charge per hour, but also gave you an insight into everything you need to know before you hire a roofing contractor for your home.

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