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Roofer Cost Per Day | How Much Does a Roofer Earn

Roofs are a crucial part of any structure. No matter where you are or what you do, roofs are a basic human necessity. However, installing a roof isn’t something anyone can do. It requires proper knowledge of the materials needed, and you should be able to trust the people who provide roofing services. Initial roofing costs depend on numerous factors, such as size, material, and duration of the process.

When it comes to the question of how much does a roofer cot per day; you can expect a daily wage of 150 to 250 pounds, although, this varies immensely amongst different vendors. To prepare yourself and avoid being overcharged by faulty roofers, continue reading to know more about how much does a roofer cost per day and what they essentially do.

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What Jobs Does a Roofer in Cardiff Do?

Before we get into how much you should pay roofers, you should first understand what their job is, i.e., the services they provide.

Roofers work to install, replace, and repair all kinds of roofs. The following are a few of the jobs you might hire a roofer for:

  • Roof cleaning and treatment, including moss removal and chimney sweeping
  • Installation of energy-efficient solar panels
  • Installation of dormer windows and flat roofs
  • Gutter repair and soffits, fascias, replacement and uPVC capping
  • Converting your roofs, for example, from pitched roof to flat, etc.
  • Work revolving chimney, including their replacement, repoint, and capping
  • Roof tile re-cementing, replacement, and repair

Obtain a Roofing Contractor Registration by providing and submitting a completed application, along with proof of compliance with workers’ compensation laws, proof of lawful presence, and required fees. [1]


Roofer Rates and Prices

A few factors that affect how much a roofer costs per day are listed below.

  • How much do Roofers Charge?

Roofers choose their prices based on numerous factors, including profit, overhead, and labour costs. Along with that, typical to any business, costs vary depending on the size of the area to be dealt with, which in this case is the roof, and the availability of materials. To get a basic idea of cost, the following are the few possible prices based on actual quotes sent to customers in 2015 for a one-day guttering job:

  • Larger Companies

For larger and more developed companies, you’d expect pricing to be more substantial. In general, their labour cost, coupled with the salesman fee, profit, and VAT, could add up to 700-750 pounds in added revenue. Adding this with the initial base cost of materials and labour would eventually amount to a total of 1,100 to 1,150 pounds.

  • Sole Vendor

Comparatively, as one may expect, hiring smaller companies is usually much more cost-effective, but pose the risk of lower quality. In general, sole traders do not make any added profit, as labour costs usually cover all revenue. Resultantly, if you consider only the base cost of guttering a roof, it can add up to a total price of 400 to 450 pounds.


How Much Do Roofers Charge Per Day In The UK?

On average, roofers can charge around 150 to 250 pounds as a daily rate. But this depends on skill, location, and type of job. In certain circumstances, tradespeople can charge extra for urgent requests, critical repairs, or sizeable damage. In those cases, you may expect to pay a minimum daily rate, emergency call-out fee, and any additional costs incurring from materials.

Similarly, new instalments or sizeable repairs may require more than one roofer. Resultantly, more hires mean you will need to pay a higher fee.

Always ask the roofing company giving the estimate if they use their employee or they hire subs. One of the ways big roofing contractors can take on many roofing jobs at one time is by subbing out work to hired guns.

 So, if you want a more accurate estimate, we recommend checking with your roofers personally for an official quote.


What Is The Hourly Rate For A Roofer?

You can expect the average hourly rate of roofers to be around 15.28 pounds per hour, with an average median of 29,790 pounds per year. However, this could vary from 8 to 18 pounds per hour, depending on the position and level of experience. Coupled with that, you can expect bonuses of up to 98 to 5,000 pounds per year.


How to Keep the Costs Down?

After knowing how much a roofer could cost per day, you need to understand that these prices aren’t fixed and are a general estimate. As a result, you should work towards lowering the costs and keeping them as affordable as possible.

Similarly, reducing service rates might be a good initial way to cut costs. When tradespeople get hired for a job, they charge extra to acquire the needed materials and the means of purchasing them. Therefore, instead of paying some high-end tradesperson to go and buy your supplies, you can try doing it yourself and save on added material and labour costs.

Along the same lines, you can also do it as a DIY project. However, in this instance, we recommend being highly cautious. The only case where you would be qualified to do a roofing job yourself is when there’s no substantial damage or health risk.

Likewise, with the advantages of the modern age, we recommend utilizing various comparison sites or referral discounts. You can look for the most affordable price among several roofers, and hire them according to their reviews.


Can I Do the Job Myself?

Knowing how much roofers cost per day and how pricey they can get; you might be considering doing the entire job yourself. Though this may be a viable option for many roofing services, it depends immensely on the type of job and the individual. There are, with certainty, some jobs that have to be done by certified and licensed professionals. Although, some DIY jobs, such as replacing guttering, replacing shingles, and roof cleaning can certainly be done without hiring a tradesperson.

Overall, there are numerous obvious safety issues when working with roofs. Hence, it’s always best to leave the work to the professionals if you can afford to. Please do not consider any roofing jobs without the proper tools and safety considerations.


How to Get a Good Deal?

As brushed upon earlier, factors such as salesman’s fees, VAT, and overheads exponentially increase the price of roofing services. Thus, one of the simplest ways to save money would be to cut out the middleman and go straight to the company for the material. If you know about the materials needed for your roof, you wouldn’t need to pay a 10%-20% charge to someone to buy the products.

Similarly, businesses below a VAT threshold are not required to charge 20% extra for VAT. You could also opt for smaller companies for cheaper quotes and lesser tax.

Likewise, you can also try finding a tradesperson that works on a “day rate,” this would help you save on the costs of materials. But it also bears the risk of purchasing faulty or incorrectly measured materials.  However, if opted for, it would mean you could avoid the pricier alternatives of “trade pricing,” which is the additional costs tradespersons have for paying for materials.

Though not mentioned earlier, time can play a crucial factor, as prices vary depending on the time of year you choose to buy your materials. Usually, this is due to the high demand during summer. To keep up, companies need to continuously accept orders with higher prices to aim for lower demand.


What Does The Average Roofer Make?

The average salary of roofers is 29,790 pounds per year. High-end and more experienced workers can make up to 39,000 pounds per year, while you can expect entry positions at around 25,706 pounds per year.



Numerous factors go into determining the daily wage of a roofer. But, ultimately, it’s up to the consumer to find their most feasible pricing. You could spend thousands on a quality roof repair or a couple hundred on a small business. It doesn’t matter as long as you trust the pricing and quality. In our opinion, the best way to find out how much roofers cost per day is to ask a trusted company like Cardiff Roofers directly for a quote. If you feel like the price unjustly exceeds expected costs or the labour jeopardizes safety in any way, you can always opt for a different vendor.



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