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Roofing Contractors | Who Are They | What Do They Do

A roofing contractor is an expert at installing, fixing, and roof maintenance, they also can install all kinds, types, and shapes of roofs. With so many recommendations and information online, it becomes hard to decide if you want to try and fix your roof yourself or hire a professional.

However, depending on the amount of damage to your roof and the fact that this is a complex job, it is best to hire a roofing contractor. This way you will access better repairs and maintenance for your home. Hiring a contractor will get you the professional help you need, all you have to do is choose the right one. But, first, you need to know the answer to what does a roofing contractor mean and what exactly is it that they do.

 A roofing contractor usually repairs a roof or replaces the old roof with a new one. Most of the time, these contractors are self-employed but sometimes when construction companies get larger projects, they hire multiple roofing contractors to ensure that every aspect of the project is well handled.

A roofing contractor is typically called in to fix leaky roofs that have been either caused by deterioration of the roofing material or storms and rains. A lot of training is involved before someone can claim the title of a roofing contractor, as they have to get certified and trained by a professional roofing contractor.

To answer the question of what does a roofing contractor mean and what they do, a roofing contractor chooses what materials would be most suitable depending on the roof the clients are looking for, they also decide the appropriate substrate and other suitable accessories that go along with it. A contractor must have impeccable physical balance because they will have to stand on all sorts of roofs, sometimes even in unpredictable weather conditions.

Roofing contractor in Cardiff setting two panels of wood together

Why Is Roofing Important in Cardiff?

Homeowners do not pay too much attention to the roof despite it being the most important aspect of the house. It keeps residents safe from rain, hail, and other harmful external elements. A good roof protects your home by maintaining its integrity, whereas a faulty roof could be a result of the growth of mildew, algae, and leaks.

People often neglect their roof because they think it doesn’t require any maintenance but that isn’t true. Just like all things in the structure of a house, the materials used to construct your roof also wear out with time. So if you want your roof to keep protecting you then you to make its maintenance and timely repairs a top priority.

What Is The Best Roofing Material For My Needs?

Picking out the right material for your roof means that it has to be both aesthetically pleasing and strong in terms of durability. Choosing materials for your roof is never easy because there are endless options to choose from, some made more appealing through lowered prices. Additionally, homeowner’s requirements, location’s weather conditions, and house design are different, which makes it even harder to settle on one material. So here are some of the best roofing materials to give you an idea of what to choose.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most common type of roofing material because they are cheap, easy to install, and are available in a variety of colours. The price ranges from 13 to 14 pounds per square meter. The only drawback is that they deteriorate faster than other roofing materials.

Clay And Concrete Tiles

These tiles add an amazing texture to the roof and give it an elegant look. These are available in a variety of textures and are long-lasting and non-combustible. The fact that clay and concrete tiles are very heavy and pricy is a major downside of choosing this material.

Metal Roofing

A metal roof is a great eco-friendly option as it is not only long-lasting and durable, but it is also recyclable. The only problem is that these roofs are relatively expensive and can cost between 40 to 75 pounds per square meter but some types can even cost up to 110 pounds per square meter.

Wooden Shingles

Wooden shingles give an amazing antique look to the house and look stunning. They are also an eco-friendly option and give the house a very organic look. The problem is that they aren’t allowed in some areas due to fire codes, and the wet climate can cause the shingles to rot, grow mould, or split.


This is one of the most common types of roof in the UK and is constructed with fiberglass. GRP roofs are aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting, and are easy to repair in case of any damages.

A roofing contractor in Cardiff, speaking to another roofing contractor between wooden beams

How To Choose A Roofing Contractor in Cardiff?

If you are wondering what does a roofing contractor mean and how do I choose one, then read on to find your answer. The roofing contractor must renew registration and any commercial endorsement annually.  Certain acts or omissions by a roofing contractor may lead to revocation, suspension or denial of the contractor’s registration.[1]

Choosing a contractor becomes the most important part of any roof installation or repair because you wish to hire the very best for your home. The first thing you have to consider is how long they have been in business since more experience naturally translates to a better grasp of roofing.

The second thing you have to do is check the licenses both of the contractor and of the materials, tools, and other safety equipment that will be used during the process. Look at other work they have done in the past and find out what the customers had to say about it because their past work is a reflection of the company and its work ethic.

Settle on a price before starting the work and ask the contractor what happens if you are unsatisfied with the quality; since there is no guarantee that it will look exactly the way you envisioned it. And lastly, to prepare for unforeseen circumstances, ask the contractor what will happen if they discover an additional problem once they start working on the roof.

How To Spot A Dishonest Roofing Contractor in Cardiff?

Once you move past questions such as what does a roofing contractor mean and how to choose a roofing contractor, you will have to consider how you will spot a dishonest contractor.

The majority of the roofing scams start with the “contractor” in question offering extremely low prices for repairs that can cost you hundreds of pounds when the badly done repairs fall apart. Another thing to look out for is whether or not they ask for a down payment before the work can start. Once they have this money, they usually fail to show up, leaving you without any repairs done and conned out of a hefty amount.

Some roofing scammers come disguised as roofing representatives and will try to convince you that your roof is damaged. When you let them inspect the roof, it will give them the chance to cause deliberate damage. Afterwards, they will convince you to make a down payment and run away with your money leaving behind a damaged roof.

The easiest way to spot such scammers is by paying attention to their language or asking specific questions. Since most of them are not roofing contractors, they won’t be able to answer targeted questions.

Wooden beams forming a roof, created by a roofing contractor in Cardiff

1.  What is roofing contracting?

If you are wondering what does a roofing contractor mean then here is your answer; a roofer or a roofing contractor is someone who has specialized in roof construction, repair, and maintenance. Usually, they have expertise in using a large variety of roofing materials.  

2.  What is a licensed roofing contractor?

A licensed roofing contractor is someone who has a certified license that proves that they are capable of working on roofs and have gone through the appropriate training.

When looking to hire professional roofers, it’s advisable to check if they are registered as a company for doing the roofing job. That’s essential information, as it proves that the contractor is licensed and has trained personnel.

3.  What should roofing contractors be paid?

On average, a roofing contractor gets paid about 11.73 pounds an hour and this is just the cost of the labour. How much the roof will cost you depends entirely on what materials you have chosen and what the nature of the job is because some materials are cheaper but require more effort to install. Typically at the time of booking, the client pays about 15% of the overall cost and the rest is paid after the job is completed.

If you want to learn more about how much do roofers charge in Cardiff, read out article.

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