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Roof Survey in Cardiff

Roof survey and roof inspection for both residential and commercial properties.

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Roof Survey Inspection in Cardiff

Inspecting the roof to determine its health and overall condition is an important part of assessing whether an asset (the property) you may be looking to purchase has an old or new roof. It’s extremely important to do your due diligence and the roof is often the main aspect to have checked. The surveying services our roofing contractors provide are top of the range and provide a detailed report and detailed findings of the condition of the roof.

Whether the roof in question is in a residential or commercial property, our roofing services include both types of roof survey.

Inspecting the Roof When Buying a Property
It’s unfortunately quite common for homeowners not to survey the roof when buying a property, and being left with a very costly surprise. Our roof surveys analyse and check every aspect of the roof, putting together a list of recommendations, along with highlighting smaller issues to make sure you can deal with any outcome before bigger problems arise in the future. A roof survey in Cardiff is a small investment compared to bigger roof repair job in the future.

If experience has taught us anything, it’s that being fast and proactive is essential in avoiding substantial damage, such as storm damage which will push prices even higher if you need immediate emergency roof repair. An important factor not to forget, any problems with the roof in question when buying a house will allow you to negotiate a better price, so always consider a roof survey for your Cardiff property. We always consult with our trusted partners who are a specialist roofing company Springdale, AR

Man climbing the roof to complete a Roof Survey in Cardiff
A roofers tools in Cardiff, sitting on a roof

What to Expect with a Roof Inspection Survey in Cardiff

An assessment of a roof measuring a standard size should take around two hours to be completed by a professional roofer. You should expect a detailed report of every part of the roof following a roofing company’s completion of the survey. This roof survey report should have included the following topics and elements:

  • Conditions and defects along with the roof covering type
  • The condition of the flashings, in preventing water leaks
  • Checking condition of the chimney, along with its pointing, pots, flaunching and brickwork
  • Checking parapet walls, along with capping, render, pointing and brickwork
  • Drainage and gutters, looking for damp issues and general defects
  • Velux and skylights, leak checks and their conditions overall
  • Checking the structure, state of timbers and clues of weight or stress
  • Soffits, fascias and barge boards, inspecting and reporting on their state and condition

You can expect photographs to be taken and included by your roofing contractor in every roof survey to give visual examples of each part of the roof whether functional or faulty. With any roof work being discovered and necessary following the survey, we will be sure to provide a relevant quotation along with all the details needed.

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A roofers tools in Cardiff, sitting on a roof