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Who Is A Roofer? | Roofer Description

If you need roofing repairs, replacement, or installation, then you must hire professional roofers; since this is not a DIY job. To hire a roofing contractor in Cardiff, first, you need to know who exactly is a roofer. Let us jump right into it and explain everything you need to know about a roofer, what do they do, and is roofer a contractor?

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What Does A Roofer Do?

Roofers are roofing experts who specialize in fixing, constructing, installing, tiling, and sealing your roof to prevent any harm to the main shield of your house or building. Depending on the nature of the work you need to get done on the roof, for instance, flat roofing, slate roofing, or any other, you can hire a roofer whose area of expertise is the same as your requirement.

If you are wondering who to hire and how to know if roofer is a contractor, we can help you with that as well.


Roofing is a great career for the right person. It takes a strong person with a great attitude to be successful as a roofer. In many cases, a person’s organizational skills, combined with physical skills and a great attitude contribute to the long-term success of a roofing professional.


Roofing Contractor Vs. Roofer Vs. Roofing Company – Is There A Difference?

Roofing Contractor

A roofing contractor is licensed to perform the roof work. They have numerous connections with roofing companies and independent roofers, so depending on the nature of the project, the work is delegated to the appropriate crew.

If you are wondering, is a roofer a contractor? Well, A roofing contractor is not always the one who works on your roof but makes use of their connections to give you the best roofing services.



The first question that you might ask is: is a roofer a contractor? A roofer is usually an independent worker who knows how the roofing work goes about and is willing to work as an independent roofer. However, it is not guaranteed that they are registered, so it’s better if you ask them important questions before hiring them. A roofer can be sub-contracted by a roofing company or a roofing contractor.  


Roofing Company

A properly registered company that hires licensed roofers as their crew members are considered the most qualified roofers. These roofing companies offer their clients after-sales services and are considered more reliable compared to independent roofers.

Getting your roof done by a registered business may be appealing but be careful of the exploiters in the market. These exploiters charge more and sometimes the quality of work done is not up to the mark. Choose a company that has years of experience, provides quality work, and values its clients.


Does A Roofer Have To Have A License In The UK?

The roof is the most crucial part of your house; it prevents you from rain, snow, scorching heat, and other external dangers. Therefore, it is essential to have your roof done from the best at the job, even if that results in paying a little extra to the roofer.

While hiring a contractor or even a roofing company to take care of your roof construction, be sure that the crew consists of skilled professionals and is registered with the NFRC. Having a registered VAT roofing contractor/company handling your roof is much safer than a low-cost, unskilled roofer working on your roof.

Hiring an individual registered with the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) is surely the safer choice to make as it will be assured that the workers on your roof are fully trained and prepared for the job.


How to Become a Roofer: A Step-By-Step Guide?

How Much Can You Make As A Roofer?

Depending on your skills, qualification, experience, and PR, as a roofer, you can make to £600 a week. This might sound unrealistic at first but if you have strong connections with both, skilled roofers and registered roofing companies, as a roofing contractor, it is not difficult to make this amount weekly. 

If you’re thinking about the qualifications and training required to become a roofer, don’t worry, we have that information here ready with us! Read along to find out. 


Roofing Qualifications and Training

Becoming a roofer is not a difficult career choice, and you don’t need a college degree to become one. Your options are to complete either a college course, a diploma, an apprenticeship program, or even just learn through on-the-job training.

To become a roofer today, certain skills will give a boost to your roofing career.

  1. Teamwork skills
  2. Communication skills
  3. Eye for detail
  4. Confidence to handle criticism
  5. Carpentry skills
  6. Technical skills
  7. Numerical skills
  8. Fitness


Additional training on how to install solar panels and environmentally friendly roofing plans will give your roofing career multiple high-paying opportunities.


A Guide to Becoming a Roofer in the UK

The roofing business has a huge scope considering people are moving towards cost-effective, greener, and environmentally friendly roofing options.

Before choosing to become one, you must know: is roofer a contractor?  How a roofer works and, the type of roofing you wish to specialize in. After carefully deciding on your field, search for courses or diploma options that you can find. While waiting for the right course, search for internships and apprenticeship programs to join that will give you an edge once you start your career.

After you have completed your course, start as a trainee roofer with any well-known roofing contractor or roofing company. This will allow you to learn practically from the experts in the industry.

Don’t forget to register yourself as a member of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors to gain more training and technical advice from the leaders of the industry and the government representatives.  

Now that you are all set to become a roofer, be aware of all the safety and security precautions that you should take while working on the roof or the construction site. 

As you are aware of how the roofing industry works, and is roofer a contractor, we are sure that you are going to make the right choice when hiring someone to work on your roof. If you have any trouble finding an authentic one, call us and get your roof done trouble-free.


Is a roofer a contractor?

A roofer is not necessarily a contractor. A roofer is someone who works on the roof; installing or fixing it. This could be a registered contractual roofer or an unregistered roofer or even just a person who works on the roof for a roofing company.


Do roofers have to be licensed UK?

Roofers in the UK are not legally bound to be licensed, however, hiring a roofing company or contractor that is registered with the National Federation of Roofing Community NFRC, will reassure you that the workers are well trained and will take care of your roof. These roofers are qualified and experienced, ensuring that your roof is in safe hands.


What type of business is a roofer?

Roofers work on the roof of residential buildings, houses, or any other commercial or residential buildings. Because the role of roofers is related to building, installing, and constructing the roof, the roofers are included in the construction business.


Is there an association for roofers?

Yes, there is an association for roofers in the UK. The association is known as the Confederation of Roofing Contractors (CORC) established in 1985. This association gives the member contractors a space to learn and relearn valuable lessons that make them a better roofer. This association works in the best interest of its members.

Roofing work is physically demanding because it involves climbing, bending, kneeling, and heavy lifting. Roofers work outdoors in extreme temperatures, but they usually do not work during inclement weather. Although some roofers work alone, many work as part of a crew. [1]

Gather enough information to know what exactly a roofer does, and is roofer a contractor, before deciding on an option.



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